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Zach LaVine Speaks On His Dunk Contest Win [VIDEO]

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Just when you thought the dunk contest was absolutely finished, Zach LaVine came along and with his first two dunks in Saturday night’s competition, he single-handedly brought it back to life.

LaVine wowed the Barclays Center crowd from the beginning with a through-the-legs, one-handed reverse slam while wearing a Tunesquad white No. 23 Jordan jersey for what he called the “Space Jam” dunk. From there, everyone else was playing for second place.

“I’m still on cloud nine,” LaVine said after finishing with two perfect scores on his first two dunks. “I feel like I’m dreaming. Seeing all the Dunk Contests and people hoisting the trophy. I just saw myself do it and lived it.”

Sidebar: Listen as one reporter told LaVine his dunks were nowhere near as good as Mike’s in Space Jam. Bruh.

Watch LaVine’s dunks below and tell us your thoughts.


Feature image credit: Elsa Garrison / Getty Images

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