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Wilson Chandler Talks All-Star Sneakers + Latest Pick-Ups [Video]

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Wilson Chandler may have sold most of his sneaker collection, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of the shoe game entirely. Back in 2014, Chandler sold almost an entire storage facility’s worth of shoes – most of which he had never worn, both on or off the court. Still, you can’t keep a true sneaker enthusiast away from his passion and Chandler, who is no newbie when it comes to sneakers, has still been buying kicks but nothing like before.

Chandler told us that these days he’s mainly into classic colorways of models like the Air Force 1 and retro Jordans. With this being All-Star week as well, we also asked Chandler about his thoughts on the current Nike signature athletes’ All-Star models, and talked a little about the Under Armour/Steph Curry movement which is gaining momentum at a rapid rate.

See what Chandler said in the video below, and tell us your thoughts.

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