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Tyson Chandler’s Full Post-Game Media Conference v 76ers

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It’s been an interesting week for Tyson Chandler. The veteran center has had to back-pedal on comments he made following the Knicks’ loss to the Brooklyn Nets in which he suggested that the Knicks’ strategy of switching on defense wasn’t working. The comments were viewed as a jab towards coach Mike Woodson, but the coach downplayed it the day after.

“If they want to lash out at me that’s fine,” Woodson told reporters on Tuesday. “I’m not a coach that takes things personally.

“Players get upset. Coaches get upset… Sometimes it’s healthy when players get upset like that.”

So, when the Knicks dropped yet another home game last night against the Philadelphia 76ers, a game in which Evan Turner implied post-game that the Sixers knew the Knicks would switch everything on defense therefore enabling them to plan their offensive sets, it was all eyes on Chandler to see what he would say. No fireworks this time, though.

Watch the entire post-game media scrum below.

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