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Steph Curry and Klay Thompson’s Beach Is Better

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Oakland, California, is known for being the home of legendary rappers Too Short, E­40 and Mac Dre. It should also be known for housing the only arena in the world with an indoor beach. Enter the Splash Brothers, the Warrior’s Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Both are sons of former NBA players (Dell Curry and Mychal Thompson, respectively), and both have been making waves of late, so much so that the NBA should consider giving visiting team’s alternate jerseys made of waterproof material. Well, not really,  but after watching these two throw the pill around, you’d understand why the idea isn’t so far­fetched.

Let’s start with Curry, the scintillating 6’3 guard out of Davidson College with the quickest trigger finger this side of well….I’m sure you get the idea. Curry, in just his fifth season, has already broken Ray Allen, aka Jesus Shuttlesworth’s single­-season three-point record. In fact, to date, Curry has rained in 734 three pointers, a feat that Golden State fans have been more than happy to watch. ‘Young Spicy’ is more than a deep threat, as frightening to opposing coaches as that may seem. Some of the L’s best defenders have been on the wrong side of the the gun line when the Curry show is in town, which seems to be nearly every time the Under Armour affiliate laces em’ up. His smooth handle, deft footwork and soft touch keep defenders at bay nightly while his highlight reel plays to the tune of 23 and 9.5 per. A side by side look at Curry’s match­-ups against elite NBA guards shows Papa Curry ain’t raise no punk. This kid is the real deal, the perfect guard to lead Mark Jackson’s new look Warriors into battle.

With Curry at the lead guard averaging 9 dimes per, you can surely suspect the other culprit in the Warrior’s swift Wild West takeover is Klay “The Bay” Thompson. While both of these players look like you could trust them with your sister, understand, it ain’t nothing but a gangsta party on-court. Klay has no problems water-boarding defenders with his quick jumper from every possible space he can find in the half­-court. He’s been doing more torture than B6­13 this season on the way to averaging over 20 per with a few rebounds to boot.

Even more impressive, the 6’7 205 pound scorer has added an ill face-­up and mid-­range game to his arsenal, even working with his back to the basket on occasion. More often than not, those drives that were once one dribble pull­ups have been converted to strong finishes at the cup. What Klay lacks in size, he makes up with a feathery touch and remarkable poise on shots. Defenders consistently close out with arms flailing and Klay constantly touches their foreheads softly with his follow­-through before trotting back down on defense. Speaking of defense, Thompson has been playing more inspired on that end as well, and with the Warrior’s acquisition of Iguodala, he can ease into it at his own speed with a defensive stopper by his side.

Klay and Curry’s combined output of 42.8 p.p.g this season make them the NBA’s highest scoring back-court and have the Warrior’s multiple games above .500 and looking set to make an even bigger splash this season in the playoffs.

Off­-season acquisitions have helped defensively and players like Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes are making proving their worth nightly. These Warriors have The Bay Area excited again so don’t be surprised if you see beach balls and umbrellas in the crowd at Oracle Arena.

Their beach is indeed better.

Image via: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

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