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Starting5 Speak With Machine Gun Kelly At The NBA Draft

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“Snapback with my city on it.” – Machine Gun Kelly, ‘Wild Boyz’

Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly burst onto the scene in 2006 releasing a slew of mixtapes before being signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy label where he released his major label debut album, Lace Up, in 2012.  The 6’4 Kells is a basketball fanatic off the court, and it shows in the verses that he spits with his rapid-fire delivery, there’s always an NBA reference somwehere in his lyrics.

Always repping his hometown, Kelly is a regular at Cavs games, and has become synonymous with the city since LeBron James took his talents to South Beach. MGK accompanied the Cleveland entourage to Tuesday night’s draft lottery – bringing with him some luck as the Cavs scored won the lottery for the second time since James’ departure.

Starting5 caught up with the rapper after the picks were announced.

Starting5: Were you an added ‘good luck charm’ for the Cavs this year? I know Dan Gilbert’s son came –

MGK: Yeah, yeah. The bow tie! The bow tie did it all.

Starting5: Did your presence add a little bit of luck to the franchise tonight though?

MGK: Yeah, I think so. Because, I mean, when you think of Cleveland – as far as the music, and music doesn’t go without sports, and sports doesn’t go without music. When you think of Cleveland music wise, you’ve got Machine Gun Kelly. When you put both of them together man, you’re bound to get some good combination.

Starting5: Nerlens Noel [from Kentucky] is being touted as a possible No. 1 pick, the team already has sensational point guard Kyrie Irving. What are your thoughts on the squad that the Cavaliers are assembling?

MGK: Man, I’m with whatever they’re doing. Even if we’re a losing team for the rest of our lives, I’m still gonna’ be courtside sitting – or up in the nosebleeds – cheering. It doesn’t matter.

Starting5: Dan Gilbert said this is the last time the Cavs would be in the lottery for a while. Do you see this team as a playoff team?

MGK: Now? Yeah. I’ll be stupid to say otherwise.

Starting5: What about LeBron? Do you see him coming back at any stage?

MGK: I mean, if he does, that’s cool. It would be weird to see the people support that. If it happens, it happens man. Anything better for the city, I’m with [it].

Starting5: Thanks, Kells. Loved the album too, by the way.

MGK: Thank you man. Thank you.

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