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Patrick McCaw Talks Trade Deadline, All-Star Break and Establishing His Game

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As NBA teams went to work for the first time since the All-Star Weekend break, several organizations had very different looking squads to that of only a week ago.  3pm on Thursday marked NBA Trade Deadline, which for a number of players across the league can be one of the most stressful times of the year.

As an NBA Rookie experiencing the trade deadline for the first time – this is one of the toughest aspects of the league to adjust to as they never know what might happen

Although his team remained quiet throughout the trade period this season, Golden State Warriors rookie Patrick McCaw said that it was still crazy to be involved with.

“It’s just crazy. Now that I’m a part of the NBA and I see how things work, and I play against guys, and just being a part of the business side from a rookies point of view; It’s a business and moves can be made whenever.”  McCaw continues “It’s just crazy to watch teams just trade guys and just see how everything’s falling apart. “

A part of the recent player’s movements for the Warriors included signing Briante Weber. With a few years of experience under his belt, McCaw says it’s great to have him around.

“He’s a really cool guy, he talks to me about his experiences and he’s easy to talk to – he’s a cool guy so it makes it a lot easier to talk to him about how my season’s going and what he’s faced. So, it’s nice. “

Over the past week, rookies throughout the NBA have got their first chance to take a break from a long and grueling season as All-Star Weekend took center stage. For many players, that meant some much needed rest away from the gym – and McCaw is no different.

“I was just chilling with my family, I went home and got to see my Mom and Dad and just chilled and relaxed. I still worked out and did basketball things, but I just took my mind off the NBA life.”

That extra few days rest can really help your body after an intense start to the season. “You always need to take a little break here and there to rest your body and make sure you’re recovering in the right way, and that’s all I try and do.”

Speaking on whether we can expect to see him out there competing in one of the events next All-Star Weekend, McCaw says “hopefully”.

“If I play well next year, my name might get called for that.”

In the weeks leading up to the All-Star Weekend McCaw had started to find his place on the floor with the Warriors, moving up in the rotation and has become a key contributor for Steve Kerr as he has stepped into the role previously filled by Ian Clark.

Speaking on his increase playing time, McCaw says that the extra minutes are really helping him to establish his game.

“It’s really helping me to find my way in the league, knowing what I can do and my potential. It’s fun just being a part of the team and actually getting a chance to play with these guys’ cos they’re so great.”

Thursday night saw the Warriors make light work of the visiting LA Clippers on the back of a 50 point third quarter spearheaded by Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, and McCaw says at times it’s hard not going into fan mode while watching crazy performances like that unfold.

“I feel just like a fan man. I’m everywhere just celebrating! Just basket after basket, stop after stop. Watching all these players play – It’s amazing.”

McCaw himself played a great role on the defensive end of the floor shutting down Austin Rivers for the first period and attributes getting stops on the defensive end to his level of focus.  “I’ve just gotta be focused and get stops, that’s all I try to do.”

“I’ve just get out there and play as hard as I possibly can.”


Feature Image: Golden State of Mind

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