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Notebook: James Scores 36 As Cavs Defeat Nets

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LeBron Wants Cavs To Put Their Foot On Opponents Throats

The Cavs were up big on the Nets heading into the final term on Friday night after Brooklyn had been competitive for a quarter and a half prior to that, but the plucky Nets clawed their way back, and it took 16 fourth-quarter points from Kyrie Irving to help seal the 116-108 win.

After the game, LeBron James, who finished with 36 points of his own, said the Cavs need to learn to keep their foot on the pedal when having a big lead.

“For us to fully reach our potential, when we get teams down, then let’s try to keep them down,” he said. “And having an 18-point lead to start the fourth and they went on a quick (12-0) run and even though we know we’re capable and we know we can win tough games or close games, let’s see if we can go from (up) 18 (points) to 22 sometimes, or 24. Make the other coach, instead of us calling timeout, make the other team call timeout. So it’s something we want to continue to work on, too.”

Uncle Drew Returns

Kyrie Irving made his return to the Cavaliers’ lineup after battling a hamstring strain and missing the team’s past three games. His 16 fourth-quarter points came while playing all but 27 seconds of that term — and the Cavs needed every one of those points to hold off the fast-finishing Nets.

“Seemed like eight days is an eternity in the NBA life,” said Irving post-game. “Missing those three games was definitely necessary. … For me going forward and for the rest of my life, I will never take any hamstring that anyone has for granted because that’s how you make your living, that’s through your legs. So, just wanted to take the necessary time and do whatever is needed. Whether that was three games, four games or any amount of games. Just wanted to do the best thing for my body.”

He also had this ridiculous move. Man.

Kenny Atkinson Says Kyle Korver Not Just A Shooter

Brooklyn’s coach Kenny Atkinson spent four seasons as an assistant with the Atlanta Hawks, so he knows Kyle Korver’s game very well. He says those who assume Korver is just a shooter will be surprised once gets integrated into Cleveland’s system.

“I think we all make a mistake if we just think Kyle’s a shooter,” Atkinson said pregame. “I think he’s a better all-around player than people think. I think he’s a better defender than people think. Better passer. He’s just really great IQ and he’s going to help them in so many ways.”



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