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Notebook: Cavs Win + LeBron Reaches 28K, Carmelo Anthony Waning?

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LeBron James Becomes Youngest To Reach 28K Points 

LeBron James surpassed Kobe Bryant as the youngest player in NBA history to score 28,000 career points during the Cavs’ 111-104 victory over the Knicks at MSG on Saturday.

James, who finished with 32 points, sits 8th all-time on the scoring table with 28,020 points — 576 behind seventh-place Shaquille O’Neal. James reached the milestone at 32 years, 36 days old. Bryant was 33 years, 131 days when he cracked the 28K barrier.

Melo Waning? 

Amid constant chatter and trade rumors this season, Carmelo Anthony has remained adamant that he wants to be in New York; he wants to win here. Lately, though, Anthony has begun hearing a few boos from the crowd at MSG – Saturday was at  least the third time this season.

“You are what the back page says you are. Fans read that. They react to that,” Anthony said. “I got to get in the gym. I got to get in the gym tomorrow and work on my shot. They won’t boo me.”

Anthony has maintained his stance that he wants to stay with the Knicks, but after yet another loss last night, he admitted that it is beginning to take a toll on him.

“I’m still keeping it ‘Melo.’ I’m still keeping it cool, man. It definitely kind of tests you and puts you to the test,” he said. “And you have to dig deep within yourself to get through it on a day-to-day basis and figure out a way to still go out there and play at a high level every night and play hard and lead this team. That’s kind of where you have to dig deep at. And despite everything that’s going on — and I don’t want to say us — me, I think that’s testing me. That’s testing my will, that’s testing me as a human being. But it’s also making me stronger about this process.”

Just last month the the Cavs knocked back the Knicks offer of a trade that would have sent Anthony to Cleveland for Kevin Love …

K. Love Shines At The Garden 

Kevin Love returned to the Cavaliers’ lineup after missing the past two games with lower back spasms and finished with 23 points and 15 rebounds. Love spoke about the trade rumors after the game.

“I don’t really think about it,” Love admitted. “I do look at my phone but it’s not like that really crosses my mind or that’s not what’s top of mind at all.”

A highlight for Love was a dunk he had on Knicks’ center Willy Hernangomez late in the second quarter which brought the Cavs bench up off the seats.

“Going up and rising like that, that’s a little different,” Love said after the game.

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