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Knicks/Nets Could Share 2015 NBA All-Star Game

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The hottest rivalry in the NBA is set to get even hotter. Both the Knicks (Madison Square Garden) and the Nets (Barclays Center) are vying for the All-Star game next February. Brooklyn's arena is brand new and state-of-the-art, while MSG – which is completing it's final refurbishment this summer – speaks for itself when talking about it's historical importance within New York. But, if latest reports are to be believed, both the arenas would play host to the NBA's showpiece event next season.

From The New York Post:

Despite the sometimes rocky relationship between the two franchises, they are working with the league to jointly host

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All-Star Weekend, which would mark the first time the event would be held in the metropolitan area since it was played at Madison Square Garden in 1998.

“There is progress in that the teams are working together … recognizing that it’s in both of their interests to create a basketball festival-type atmosphere around All-Star in New York, and so things are going well,” NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver said this week.

The key stumbling block will be which state-of-the-art arena — the Nets’ new Barclays Center or the Knicks’ refurbished Madison Square Garden — will host the game.

It’s likely the solution will feature one building playing host to the Saturday night festivities, including the 3-point and Slam Dunk contests, while the other will host the game Sunday night.










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