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Jarrett Jack Talks About His Insane Shoe Collection (VIDEO)

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For true sneakerheads it's all about a genuine passion, and love, of shoes. Generally they're not the guys all up on Instagram on release day posting pics of the latest Jordan drop. Not that the folks who do that are in the wrong, but most times you'll find that it's the quieter cats in the game that have the sickest collections.

Remember when Josh Childress showed his shoes off to Nice Kicks about a month ago? Who would have thought he had a crazy collection like that? Well, there's at least one other guy in the league who gets Childress' respect when it comes to sneakers: Jarrett Jack. In an interview with Keez On Sports recently, Childress mentioned that Jack had a low-key crazy collection worthy of being recognized as one of the NBA's best.

So, Keez on Sports hit up Jack recently at Barclays Center when the Cavs faced the Nets to get confirmation on Childress' claims, and to get Jack's thoughts on the sneaker game today. Watch the video below.

















Image via: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

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