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In A Perfect World Bogut Will Be An All Star

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''I sincerely doubt it'll happen, there always seems to be something that doesn't go our way. And that's one of them. We're a small market, No. 1. And we've got guys on the ballot at the centre spot that aren't centres. That doesn't help the cause. It would be nice to make it but if we don't, I'll keep working and hope to get there someday.'' – Andrew Bogut on his 2011 All-Star chances.


Andrew Bogut will be an All-Star. Whether it's in Los Angeles next February or another season down the line, he will one day grace the NBA's ultimate showcase of talent and prove to the world he belongs there. We already know he does, but we can be a little biased. He is one of ours after all and we've seen him mature into the player that he is today from an early age. For Andrew to make the All-Star game next year it is likely he will need to be selected by coaches because he won't be voted in, I mean, no one is ever going to get more votes than a Dwight Howard in his prime. But being voted in by the coaches may hold a higher prestige in a sense. All-Star voting by the fans is nothing more than a popularity contest, it's the reason why Iverson was voted in last year and why Yao Ming leads the Western Conference centers (Andrew Bynum is second). Being voted in by coaches shows they appreciate and notice the plays that help teams win, not the highlight plays that make Sportscenter's Top Ten.

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