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Homicide : Life On The Streets Vol 5

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Whats up Bloggers and Tweeples?,

It's been an amazing week for the sport we all know and love, basketball.

The 2010/2011 iiNet NBL Chambionship has been all over Austrailia/NZ this week. Actually, more than I could remember which is great! This is the type of coverage the game needs. There's an excitement around it, people are drawn in who havent even watched the NBL for years, shit, lets face it there's people joining Twitter who have never even had an account, mothers are watchin hoops now. No lie, its all on my Twitterline (@chomicide) bottom line is it's a great thing that's happening and its genuinely good for the game. PERIOD.

Twitter has blown up in Aussie hoops, and that's an even better thing, the fans get to interact with myself and other players and that's great because you can get a better perspective on the player your tweeting to. I try to answer as many fans as I can but it's starting to get overwhelming so if I don't get back to you please don't take it personal. This week there was a lot media interviews I had to do, I love all of you guys, but the best one interview i did was a 40 minute interview Wednesday morning at Sport 927. This is probably one of my best interviews since I've hit Down Under. The best has to be handle magazine when I got the cover and a really nice 6 page spread. Shout out to Brad Graham, Boss of HANDLE magazine now the CEO of BUCKETS magazine.

This interview gives a side of myself that no one in Austrailia knows about. It's an indepth story of Corey Williams, not "Homicide" but Corey and how this young boy that fell in love with a game, became a man and how this game of basketball changed my life and has taken me to places unimaginable. It gives you some insight on my mind, my family and my life growing up in one of the toughest, poorest and roughest areas in NYC, THE BRONX. Im so happy and proud to be where I'm from because it made me who I am today and I would NEVER turn my back on the ghetto because thats where im from and what help build the person that I am.

Check it the radio interview:




For those of you who've missed The EXCLUSIVE interview on OVERTIME where I give insight on the Melbourne Tigers and  the Townsville Crocs and where I unvieled my authentic @CHOMICIDE Tee here is the link:



But on another serious note, there's somethings going on that has all of our attention, the floods in Queensland, I'd like to send my prayers and condolences to all the families, what I'm seeing on TV is a natural disaster and it is sad, but one thing I do know about you Aussies is that you will survive.

I made my @chomicide Tee shirt and I'm selling them for $50. Half the profit will go to a Flood Disaster Reilef Fund. I'm just trying to play my part and help people in this situation
sizes Small to 2Xl

To order some tee's or if you have any questions please email my Personal Ast. Sam at sam@freedomtiger.com.au or (@samfreedomtiger)

Tell a friend to tell a friend and let's do our part in giving back.


























Photos : Melissa Sudero

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