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Homicide: Life On The Streets Vol 3

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I hope you all had a great Christmas with your friends and family. I sure had one. Especially after that win. The holidays felt a bit easier to get through. As you all know, the first half of the season has been tough on us,but there's another half left to play and we definitely will be better, this I can definitely GUARANTEE you.

Coach gave us four days off and we've come back and had some tough training sessions. January 2nd at The Cage vs Adelaide is a big game and a must win for us, as they all are at this point. But there's a look in the guys eyes that I like. It's a swagger thats changing.
In sports, there's no doubt that teams struggle, everyone can't win when they want to, that's just reality. But sometimes all you need is just that one meaningful win when everyone shows up and we get it done and it happens..

CONFIDENCE re-appears, your walk is different, your tone changes, you now have swagger. And thats how we are feeling now. Yes we only beat Sydney but a W is still a W!

For example, look at the Miami Heat. Let's be real, the first 20 games, they looked like straight shit, they were losing and underperforming. Then they beat Cleveland which was a weak team, but the bond began there, not just the BIG 3 but the whole team showed up and they ran off 12 straight W's and are on a serious streak at the moment.
Yeah, we don't have Bron Bron, D.Wade and Bosh, FUCK EM, we don't need em, we have a good team and we will turn this this around with what we have. I'm not blowing smoke or talking just to talk, I believe. 

Stay tuned and fans and friends, please continue to support us…..and if you dont have anything good to say, dont say shit!!

Be safe and happy new year mates!!




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Photos : Melissa Sudero

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