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Homicide: Life On The Streets

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What's up Bloggers and Tweeples?

Inspiration and motivation comes from many places. It can come from friends, family or yourself. Books, magazines, music, art, acts done by others during adversity, or everyday life for that matter. Maybe even that important play that won the grand final in sports. I ask you all what inspires and motivates you and where do you get your inspiration and motivation from?

For me, there's so many places I get inspiration and motivation from. I get a lot from my life alone and the lives of others around me whom I grew up with as a young fella. Also, books, music and movies I would say I get inspiration and motivation from them as well.

A lot has gone on with our team this year and there's things you can't control as a player, all you can do is continue to move forward and get better as a team. Work with the pieces that you have and make it work as best as you can

There's 8 games left and we want to finish the season on a high. Sometimes you have a game and really want something to get you ready to ball out. Myself? Sometimes I watch a movie. There's plenty to choose from but I'll name 5.

 I watched 'Rocky' and it's just so inspiring till this day. Anyone. Pick any Rocky film ,preferably Rocky I,II,III,IV.  Trust me after you've watched it you feel like you can be great at anything, especially boxing.

'Rudy' was also inspirational to see how much adversity he went through and he never gave up, he stuck with it and he finally got his chance to get on the field. 

'Men of Honor'– amazing film. A deep sea diver in the military who lost his leg and fought his was back to make master diver. He was almost forced to quit because of his amputation but never quit and showed them he was able to do it. Amazing flick!

The social network alone makes you feel you can come up with an idea, an innovative idea and instantly become a billionaire. It's just a motivational movie. He did his best friend dirty but still highly motivational because it makes you want to get up, get out and get sumthin!

Last was…. I know u guys betta not hate on my pick either….. 'Karate Kid' with Jaden Smith!  A little Afro-American kid alone in China, can't speak Chinese and the bullies start kickin his ass. He practiced with the janitor, Jackie Chan and honed his skills went in the Kung Fu comp and not only did he win the comp he won with a broken leg and earned his respect.  I cried too. Yes Homicide 187 can get a little emotional. LOL.

My point is you can find motivation and inspiration almost anywhere.  As long as it makes you a better person ,worker, trainer, athlete, parent, spouse  etc etc, I'm all for it.

Continue to find ways to motivate. Inspire yourself and others, you will become a better person if you haven't already.


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Photos : Melissa Sudero

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