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First Look At Brand Black’s J. Crossover 3

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Fresh off the resounding success of the J. Crossover 2, Brand Black will look to further cement their reputation as a leading manufacturer of innovative basketball sneakers with the release of the third signature shoe of the Los Angeles Clippers’ Jamal Crawford, the J. Crossover 3.

Deviating from the well-received woven upper of the previous model, the J. Crossover 3 features a  ballistic nylon upper with fused support structures. As part of the brand’s vision to mold both fashion and performance, the shoe also features a removable support shroud.

One aspect of the new shoe that will appeal to the folks who raved about it’s predecessors cushioning is that the new model has a new advance foam with 20 percent more cushioning than Jetlon, and is lighter too.

The shoe’s official tech specs have not been revealed just yet. We will have more on this shoe as news breaks.

Let us know your thoughts below.

For a performance review of the J. Crossover 2, click here.

To see our interview with Jamal Crawford about the J. Crossover 2, click here.

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