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Brook Lopez Speaks To Media At Barclays Center

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Brook Lopez spoke to reporters for the first time during halftime of the Brooklyn Nets’ rout of the New Orleans Pelicans on Sunday evening at Barclays Center. Lopez had not spoken to media since suffering a season-ending broken right foot injury Dec. 20 in Philadelphia. The one-time All-Star center maintained a positive attitude that he would recover from this latest setback to his troubled foot, and that he would return next season to play at the same level that made him one of the league’s premier big men.

Lopez underwent surgery Jan. 4 to repair the fractured fifth metatarsal of his right foot. He also had a second procedure in which another bone was repositioned in his foot to unload and protect the injured area.

Check out some of the quotes from Lopez’ session below.

On his confidence when he resumes playing again

“It’s not something I’m worried about. I don’t think I can go on the court and play basketball having any doubts in my mind. We’ve done everything we can and I can at this point to take care of it, and it’s been taken care of.”

Joking about what it’s going to be like to start walking without crutches again

“I’m gonna be falling on my face more than I do already, which is a lot.”

On what the two procedures he underwent will help with

“They’re trying to put more pressure on the inside of my foot … essentially they lowered the arch on the inside of my foot so there should be more pressure on there.”

On finally being allowed to be around the team again

“It’s great to be back. It’s my second game being back with the team, I’ve been at one practice as well. It’s just good to be around the guys and enjoy their camaraderie. I’ve been on bed rest for about just over a month now. It’s been tough, I guess I was going through some cabin fever.”

On whether he has any fears the injury may affect his longevity in the NBA

“I’m not scared at all,” Lopez said. “I’m confident I’m going to get back on the floor and I’m going to do everything I can. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be back out there playing with my guys. I’m going to do everything I can to be out there.”













Image via: Howard Smith/USATSI

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