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Video: Matthew Dellavedova Talks Following Cavs’ Gm. 2 Loss

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When it comes to Matthew Dellavedova, NBA fans are in one of two frames of mind – they love him, or hate him, and there’s no middle ground. Contrary to what you may believe, Delly has a lot of supporters in the bay area. Well, let’s just say, there’s more people who respect him for his toughness and being relentless on the defensive end of the floor.

After attending college at St Mary’s, and leading the Gaels to some pretty huge victories during his time in California, Dellavedova earned his place in the hearts of many locals. But it didn’t take long for the locals to turn on the Cavs’ point guard over the past two years.

Delly developed a reputation as the Curry stopper in the opening games of the 2015 NBA Finals, it was there that he made his mark as a villain of the league due to his aggressive defense, and determination to win a loose ball by any means necessary.

Picking up where he left off the previous year, it didn’t take long for Dellavedova to make his mark on this years finals series after chasing down Andre Iguoldala, and accidentally making contact with his groin during Game1.

NBA fans proclaimed that Finals Delly was back!

After playing limited minutes and failing to be as productive as has has been in the past against the Warriors, the young Australian was out to prove a point and show his haters in Oracle Arena that he means business. Unfortunately, Game 2 resulted in another big blowout as the Cavs head back to Cleveland trailing 2-0.

After Game 2 we caught up with Dellavedova to talk about how being booed affects his game, preparing himself to guard Curry and Thompson, Andre Iguodala’s comments and more.

The NBA Finals continue in Cleveland this Wednesday.

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