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VIDEO: Cam Bairstow Talks Life As A Chicago Bull

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It’s been a minute since Australia had one of their players in a major media U.S. market. You have to go back to Luc Longley’s brief 25-game tenure with the New York Knicks in 2000-01 to find the last – and first – one. Longley made his name with the Chicago Bulls during their second three-peat run before finishing his career with the Knicks, so it’s only fitting that one of Australia’s newest NBA players, Cameron Bairstow, is beginning his career with the Bulls in New York.

In fact, you may even say it’s poetic.

Bairstow, via way of New Mexico University (just like Longley), played three-and-a-half minutes late in Chicago’s blowout of the Knicks (hey, some things just never change), and although he missed his only field goal attempt, Bairstow at least got some burn from Coach Thibodeau.

Prior to the game we caught up with Bairstow as he prepared for his debut at the Mecca to talk about life as a Chicago Bull, advice he has gotten from former Bulls Longley and Chris Anstey, playing at the Garden, plus more.

Check what he had to say in the video below.

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