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Starting5 Speak With Spurs Aron Baynes (VIDEO)

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It can be tough at times for foreign players coming to the NBA to adjust to the pace of the American league, other times a player may need to accept lesser minutes than he may have been usd to playing in international leagues. Aron Baynes, the Australian forward recently signed by the San Antonio Spurs, is currently in his transition period now.

Lucky for the Aussie, his transition will be a lot smoother thanks to the environment he has been brought into. The Spurs are a class organization known for being astute at developing international players – they currently have eight foreign-born guys on the roster – and Baynes also has a support system in place that includes national teammate Patty Mills, and current Spurs assistant, Brett Brown, the former Australian national coach.

We caught up with Baynes after the Spurs defeated the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday night to talk about his journey into the NBA.


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