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Spike Lee Talks Old-School Sneakers, And He Got Game 2 (VIDEO)

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Spike Lee, the world’s most famous Knicks fan, has been pretty visible around Brooklyn’s Barclays Center the last few days. He was courtside for the ‘Nickname Night’ game between the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets on Friday – a game that Ray Allen donned his ‘Jesus Shuttlesworth’ jersey in – but he was also in attendance this past Wednesday when the Warriors and Steph Curry hit town for one of their two visits to New York this season.

In this video with Keez On Sports, Lee talks about his relationship with Jordan Brand, where his love of sneakers began, and also drops a juicy nugget about the rumored He Got Game 2 sequel. Lee, who directed the 1998 original featuring Allen, says the film is a go, pending Denzel Washington and Rosario Dawson agree to sign on. The famed Brooklynite wants to bring back the entire cast of the first film.

Watch the video below.

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