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Leave LeBron Alone

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I'm going to come right out and say it. Can we just leave LeBron alone right about now? At the risk of becoming one of those media outlets with a saturated coverage of the Miami Heat and it's superstar triumvirate, the latest so called controversy involving James and his coach Erik Spoelstra had me riled up enough to write this piece condemning the backlash a seemingly innocuous bump has been given, a story the media has taken and is running ad nauseum.

I understand James put himself into a position to be ridiculed after the televised debacle that aired July 8th, but does he deserve all this continued media scrutiny where every move he makes is turned into some sort of conspiracy? Most of the world outside of the 305 (Miami) area code probably wants to see the Heat and James fail, but drumming up some false drama surely is not the way to go about it.Yes, the Heat did model themselves as the "villain" of the NBA, the team to root against but isn't that more fun when the team is actually winning? Creating a drama out of nothing for a team currently barely keeping it's head above  .500 is akin to kicking a man while he's down.

I viewed the footage of this so called disrespectful bump on his head coach and I saw nothing but a pure accidental knock by a man upset with his and his team's performance. Slow it down and of course it looks suspect. Everything looks suspect in slow motion. Erik Spoelstra is already under intense pressure having to fend off media who are calling for his head just 17 games into an 82 game schedule, without having to deny a rift between himself and James. Has the hate towards James risen to such a level where nothing is turned into something? Are we searching for yet another reason to dislike James?

I am one of the few who felt the only thing James was guilty over the free agency period was indulging an over inflated ego with his decision special. Sure he made a mistake, he's 25 and considered the best basketball player on the planet. Who wouldn't view their self worth as being a little more than what it should be? He has admitted if he could do it over there would be things done differenty, but all that aside, leaving Cleveland was his choice, his right. Let's not hate the guy this much for being egotistical.

Miami have some serious issues regarding their roster for this season and Spoelstra may very well be on the way out, whether at seasons end or before, but manufacturing sensationalised stories benefits no one. The media must take blame for  having built up the Miami hype machine to levels unseen before, it appears that they need a new Heat story daily, at LeBron's expense I might add.

Let's leave this man be. Allow him to prove his worth without continually throwing obstacles in his path such as this. Everyone likes a comeback story. Let's not make his journey back to redemption more difficult than it should be.

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