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Langston Galloway Reminds Carmelo Anthony Of ‘Linsanity’

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It hasn’t taken long for Langston Galloway to make an impression on Knicks’ leader Carmelo Anthony. Following the team’s 100-92 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night, Anthony was asked if he had seen another rookie as fearless as Galloway in taking big shots and Anthony compared his current teammate with a previous one: Jeremy Lin.

“I don’t know man, I would say probably ‘Linsanity,’” Anthony said. [Jeremy Lin] wasn’t a rookie but he was here and he had that mindset of taking the big shot when he first got here.

“I don’t like to compare anything, but Langston’s mindset of being willing to take that big shot, take the open shot, just having the opportunity out there, I think Langston loves those moments.”

Watch the video below.

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