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Jaylen Brown On Steph Curry Incident: “I Didn’t Say a Word”

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Getting Stephen Curry fired up at you is not easy.

We very rarely see the two-time MVP getting upset at an opposition player. But, during the Warriors match-up with Boston on Wednesday night, Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown did something to upset Curry – and even he doesn’t know what it was! to end the third quarter

After getting free from Brown and nailing a 3-pointer to end the third quarter, giving Golden State the lead going into the fourth, Curry taunted Brown with some aggressive finger pointing and yelling.

Brown was pretty quick to set the record straight when asked about the incident. “I didn’t say nothing to him. I was just playing defense. He hit a good shot, I didn’t say a word.”

For those that don’t know much about Brown, he is the most softly spoken introvert on the Celtics roster, and is not at all a talker on the floor. Which poses the question: Why was Curry so fired up?

“I guess it was good D, I don’t know,” Brown said post-game. “I was a little bit surprised (that he pointed at me). I promise I didn’t say a word to him. I was just out there playing D, doing my job. He hit a shot then looked at me and doing whatever.

“I didn’t think he said anything either. He was just moving his fingers. Nothing was said.They needed that energy to get them going, I’m just glad we got the win.”

In the end, Brown and his Celtics got the last laugh as Boston ran all over the Warriors in the fourth quarter. It was a much needed win after a disappointing road trip over the past week in which they have lost a couple of games that they should have easily won. It is however, another big scalp for the Celtics as they have developed a habit of taking down some of the strongest teams in the league on a regular basis.

“We should approach every game like this. We’ve just gotta be a little more consistent. We beat Cleveland, lost in Phoenix and to the Clippers, and got the win here tonight. We’ve just gotta be more consistent,” Brown added. “We did our job tonight. We focused and locked in and we got the W.”

No matter what you think of this year’s Celtics team, it’s time to start taking them seriously. They have proven time and time again that they can win big games, and will be looking to work on their consistency as they start to prepare to make an impact come the playoffs.

Feature Image: Masslive.com

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