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How Do You Wear Your Kicks?

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A conversation with my good friend 'Hendo' yesterday got me thinking about the different ways a sneakerhead wears their shoes. Now I am by no means a 'sneakerhead', nor am I a collector for that matter. I just like sneakers, I like to think of myself as a 'sneaker rocker', I need you to see my joints, need you to know what I have but one rule I had come to swear by was to wait a few months – sometimes longer – before I would break out a fresh pair of kicks. I would never rock them as soon as they hit retailers.

As a matter of fact that had come to be cardinal rule No 7 for me. While in New York in July, just days after the release of the 'Electronic Blue' Foamposites, I noticed almost every second guy walking in and out of sneaker stores had those shoes on. Sometimes there would a group of 4 or 5 and almost, if not all, of them had the same Foams on. I prefered to let the initial hype die down before deciding to wear a clean pair of J's months after their release.

I even pushed my sneaker rhetoric onto Hendo and convinced him to wait some time before wearing his newly bought sneaks. But one thing I've learned about rules is they're meant to be broken. It started with the LeBron 9 'Cannons', continued with the 'Miami Nights' and finally, the 'Black/Cement Air Jordan III's'. I was looking forward to all of the shoes being released that I wore them all the day of purchase. Within hours actually. I was close to wearing them out the shop, but I didn't want to appear thirsty.

Which brings me back to the conversation with Hendo. As he was describing his latest purchses (and informing me he would delay breaking them out) I got to thinking. What 'rules' do sneaker freaks live by? I'm positive that each person would have their own individual tendencies when it comes to how they wear their shoes.

My rule No 1 (and never to be broken I'm sure) is : Never Wear Jordans When It's Raining.  Rule 2 is : Never Wear White Sneakers In Winter

I am so concerned about scuffing shoes that I have a toothbrush handy in my car's glovebox just in case I need to get my 'Buggin Out' on.

So how do you wear your sneaks? Is there any particular method to your madness? Do you wear them with jeans? Shorts? Laced or unlaced? (Personally I like 'em unlaced). What are your personal rules to follow? We're interested in hearing them.










































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