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Homicide: Life On The Streets Vol 2

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What's up people?,

Since joining the Melbourne Tigers, we've played 5 games and our record is 2-3. The cohesion is getting there with more training sessions and there's a good feeling within the group after getting our first two wins. We have two games before the New Year and we need them both to still be in the race for finals. The group still believes we can get there, we just need to get a streak going fast. I've been to the playoffs every year in the NBL and I don't plan on breaking this streak. So there's no better opportunity than to start a streak by the new year.

Melbourne is very nice city. Definitely the best city I've lived in Down Under. Don't get me wrong, I loved my time in Townsville, but Melbourne is metropolitan, there's a lot of culture here just like New York City, which is my hometown so I feel right at home. Whenever I get a chance I walk around this city and when  I do, I am in total disbelief that I am in Austrailia. I was in Townsville for three years, I guess I really didn't know any better. It's beautiful here but the traffic is another story!!  Sheesh! Now that quickly reminds me that I am in a major city!
It took me 1 hour for regular 20 minute drive. If you can help it, DO NOT DRIVE FROM 4:30-7:00PM WEEKLY!

Since I live in the Docklands, I just walk into town rather than drive.

This week I've been watching my favorite TV series Entourage, and there isn't a better series on TV. PERIOD! I watched season seven while in the States, but it was sooo nice I had to watch it twice.

Here's some of the highlights:

Ari's wife is leaving him

Vince has graduated from weed to coke and is spiraling out of control

Drama has his own new cartoon series

Turtle is getting it popping with his tequilla

Eric is planning on getting married and taking his boss out of the business!

Trust me, when you thought Entourage couldnt get hotter, season 8 is going to blow your mind and I can not wait until next season.
And most importantly, the guest appearances are just amazing! Everyone wants a peice of Entourage, EVERYONE! It's gotten to a point to where you are not an official star unless you've been featured in an episode of Entourage.

OK let me calm back down..

Anyway friends, we have another must win vs New Zealand and thats our primary focus, they are a tough team but this is a game we MUST get.

Come out and support us if your in town. I will holla at you guys next week.




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Photos : Melissa Sudero

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