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Homicide : Life On The Streets Blog 6

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Whats good my Bloggers and Tweeples?


As you already know it was a tough weekend for us on that "Sunshine Swing". We dropped both and that hurt. We're not completely out of finals contention but we have to get another streak going to still have a chance. This weekend we have the Cairns Tapians and they are playing well but trust me, we will be ready for them this Saturday at The Cage. It's great to be back home for our next three games. We're definitely going to need our crowd to bring the support that they've brought all season to help get this win vs Cairns. They've done a good job of getting the ball out of my hands last game but we will be ready for that in this game. We watched a lot of game film and saw where we needed to make our adjustments and we will be ready. So come out and support us!


On Wednesday I went to my first live professional tennis match at the Austrailian Open. It was one of many goals in my life, and I knew that it was going to happen while playing in Austrailia. I saw 3 really good matches. First match I saw Justine Henin win, the second match was mens and Andy Roddick got it done. Now the third and final day match was watching my cousin (not really) Venus Williams do her thing!


I have a new found respect for Venus. She lost the first set to a very aggressive and confident Lucie Safarova. Venus then limped off to her side chair and back into the locker room. Looked liked she pulled her groin muscle, I thought "theres no way she coming back, this mactch is over." She pulled her hamstring but she comes back with it taped up. And not only does she come back, but she wins the next set 6-0 and the last set 6-4 and advances. Great effort Venus, Good on you!


I really thought it was over for her. That just goes to show you,  it aint over till its over!

And to match that little adversity, I had great seats, I was right next to the coaches box. Row A baby!!! lol

That's the best way to watch any professional match, you hear the dialogue with player and coach! It feels like you're playing or involved with the tactics the player uses. What's even funnier is my teammate Bennie Lewis Jr was with me and his mom called him and said are u at the tennis match? He answered "yes, why?" She says, "Because I just saw you on TV!"  lol

I have to thank my PR ast @samfreedomtiger for making those seats happen! I made a deal with her, after we win these next two she has to get me finals tickets! So stay tuned and watch us get this W this weekend!





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Photos : Melissa Sudero


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