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Derrick Rose Talks adidas D. Rose 5 Boost

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It’s been a long time coming back for Derrick Rose, but this summer he’s back to playing competitive basketball for the first time in, well, forever, it seems. Putting aside his Bulls colors for the summer, instead repping the red-white and blue as Team USA plays exhibition games across the country in preparation for the upcoming World Cup, Rose has given sneaker lovers a first on-court look at his soon-to-be released D. Rose 5 signature series.

Starting5online caught up with the Bulls’ point guard for a brief chat at the end of Team USA practice in New York to find out more about the revolutionary Boost tech in the shoe, and how Derrick feels about it.

Starting5: Derrick, you’ve been wearing the D. Rose 5 throughout the summer’s Team USA games. How are you finding the shoe?

Derrick Rose: I’ve actually been wearing them for damn near a year-and-a-half now [but] they’re just coming out in October.

S5: How has the new Boost technology been in helping you come back from the type of injuries you’ve had over the last couple of seasons?

DR: The Boost technology is great, man. I told them [adidas] that from now on I want the Boost technology in all my shoes. No matter how my shoe looks in the store, I want my pair with Boost technology on it so when I’m on the court I’ll always have it on. My feet don’t never hurt whenever I have it on, and every time I put the shoe on it feel like a new shoe, so, that’s all you want as a player.

S5: How much input did you have in the design process this time around?

DR: A lot. A lot. They come to me with a draft [and] I tell them things they need to change. They keep bringing me drafts and I say ‘yes or no’ on them.

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Images via: adidas Basketball

Feature image credit: AP

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