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Carmelo Anthony Post-Game v Atlanta Hawks (VIDEO)

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This is not the home stand the New York Knicks had envisioned when they first unveiled the new, refurbished, Madison Square Garden earlier this year. After winning their first game against the Bucks on opening night, the Knicks have now lost five straight at home following last night’s 110-90 loss to the Hawks.

The Knicks have looked uninspired so far – Tyson Chandler’s injury certainly did not help – and superstar Carmelo Anthony is beginning to look visibly frustrated with the team’s effort. At the closing stages of last night’s game Anthony sat next to the team towels on the baseline with a glum look on his face.

After the game Anthony said there wasn’t much to be read into that, but did admit that the team has been playing with a lack of effort, and things need to be rectified before the season slips away.

“We ain’t playing worth a shit right now,” Anthony said. “We got to play harder.

“I am disappointed too in all of our effort. We are just not getting it done. It ain’t nothing that Coach [Mike] Woodson is doing [or not doing]. It ain’t got nothing to do with X’s and O’s out there on the basketball court. We are not getting it done from an effort standpoint. It’s like we are not even trying right now.”


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